Chandan Mallik

I am a freelancer
independent Fund Manager.

Although new but
have a disciplined approach to the market. I avoid trading. My focus is to
multiply the wealth of my clients by the philosophy of buying good/great
companies at a decent price and enjoy dividends and compounding for long term.

My definition of
long term is more than 3 years.

I intend to hold
stocks for over 365 days to avoid Short term taxes while generating a perennial
income from derivatives of the same underlying assets.

Hence, a
three-pronged strategy that works like a tripod for my clients through earnings

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Dividends

I have successfully
smoothed market volatility and created around 28% return p.a. on my fund which
I would be happy to share with prospective clients on request. Click here to connect

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